WEARMAX® Ceramic Coating

1. High-Performance floor sealing with 120 million ceramic particles!

Sustainable, innovative & smart

New look for the old flooring

Old, unsightly and worn floors don’t have to be. Just as little as the high costs and time required to renew them. Nor do they have to be thoroughly cleaned or polished with frequent regularity, as this leads to repeated interruptions in operation and recurring costs.

Our sustainable and permanent solution for old floor coverings is called WEARMAX® Ceramic Coating.

WEARMAX Flooring Musterplatte aus einem Musterständer, Dekor Stone Sevilla


Ideal for renovating heavily worn floors

The solution for all cases

Depending on whether you are a flooring professional, specialized dealer, architect, service provider, commercial or private end-user: Here you will find the optimal solution for the requirements of your flooring!

WEARMAX® Ceramic Coating is ideal for particularly heavily frequented areas in public facilities. Hospitals, nursing homes, and homes for the elderly and also protects existing floors in shops, offices, or schools just as efficiently.

The floor sealant can be applied to resilient floor coverings such as PVC, vinyl and linoleum floors, synthetic rubber and caoutchouc floors, as well as to wooden and parquet floors.


Technologically unique.

The unique technology of WEARMAX® High-Performance Ceramic Coating anchors 120 million ceramic particles per square meter floating on the surface in a flexible paint system. During processing, a wafer-thin ceramic layer that is invisible to the naked eye is applied, which protects the floor highly effectively against signs of wear, abrasion, and dirt and improves slip resistance.


 WEARMAX®  Colour & Transparent


WEARMAX® Transparent (left) WEARMAX® Colour (right)


Versatile application possibilities and infinite variety of designs

Time savings, cost savings

and other advantages at a glance

WEARMAX® Ceramic Coating already saves time and money during the application process, thanks to fewer operational interruptions. This continues in the daily maintenance cleaning.

Cost Saving
When renovating with WEARMAX® Ceramic Coating it is not necessary to replace the old floor covering. With our system, you achieve the highest abrasion resistance and an extended service life thanks to the unique ceramic technology. There is also no need for regular thorough cleaning and recoating. The reduced use of cleaning agents and auxiliary materials protects the environment.

Time Savings
A great advantage of WEARMAX® Ceramic Coating is the very low interruption in operation. A cyclical basic cleaning, new coating, or maintenance is not necessary. The coated floor is therefore maintenance-free. Due to the lower level of re-soiling, the cleaning process – whether manual or mechanical – is significantly simplified and polishing is superfluous.


WEARMAX® Ceramic Coating restores the original look of heavily worn floors.


WEARMAX® Ceramic Coating significantly extends the service life of existing floors.


WEARMAX® Ceramic Coating effectively protects against signs of wear, micro-scratches and “running roads”.


WEARMAX® Colour System System offers you the option of a completely new look on the existing resilient floor covering – individually and entirely according to your wishes.


WEARMAX® Ceramic Coating does not require any cyclical basic cleaning, new coating, maintenance, polishing or recurring applications.


WEARMAX® Ceramic Coating reduces dirt adhesion. This has a positive effect on the cleaning process and minimizes the consumption of cleaning agents.


WEARMAX® Ceramic Coating means little business interruption. The cyclical basic cleaning, new coating or maintenance is no longer necessary. This means that the floor is maintenance-free.


Since no new flooring is necessary, tons of waste are saved. Recurring basic cleaning and recoating are also not necessary. The reduced use of cleaning agents helps to keep the environment clean.


There is no need to replace the old floor covering. With our system you achieve the highest abrasion resistance and thus an extended service life due to the unique ceramic technology.

Our two quickly applicable and economical

Floor systems: Transparent and Colour

“Our Transparent System (3 in 1 product): ideal for renovating heavily worn floors. Restores the original appearance of wood or resilient floor coverings.“
Due to its outstanding technical properties, the transparent system can be used on almost any surface such as plastic / PVC, linoleum, synthetic rubber flooring, and rubber, as well as wooden and parquet floors. It consists of three layers: the primer, the ceramic layer, and the top layer.

„Our Colour System (3 or 4 in 1 product) is ideal for giving resilient floor coverings that are subject to heavy use a completely new look.“
The Colour System sets visual highlights and guarantees a completely new look on existing resilient floor coverings – individually and entirely according to your wishes. It consists of three or four layers: the primer (optional), the paint layer, the ceramic layer, and the top layer.

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We train you in the possibilities of WEARMAX® Ceramic Coating, in the specialist knowledge of the application techniques, and in the use of the right tools. Become a WEARMAX® Partner and convince with know-how! Discover the training modules, dates, topics, and the advantages of the WEARMAX® partnership.

We support your design requirements! The “Create your Floor” floor con fi gurator is the perfect tool for architects, planners, floor professionals or building contractors. This digital visualization tool shows you what different floors look like in your room!

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