Portfolio Overview

Carpet Collections


The indoor collections include all types of textile floor coverings you may need for residential or professional use indoors!


Indoor or outdoor? There are no more dilemmas with the in/outdoor collection. Timeless and naturally looking – waiting for your exploration!


The grass imitations of the outdoor collections refresh every outside area and survive harsh weather conditions like heavy rains or strong sun rays!


Being an exclusive partner of an Italian brand RADICI over a generation now, we are always happy to help you with the right selection! 

Cutting-edge Technologies

By working closely with our suppliers we guarantee sustainable processes, constant innovation, quality, and speed of delivery.

Recyclable Carpets

 Most of our carpets are made entirely of polypropylene or polyester, which means that the raw material can be retrieved after use. In turn, that raw material can be used as the origin for new carpets.

Smart Production

 Most of our suppliers’ production facilities are “smart” and are located in Europe. As an example, high-quality yarns are produced by machines, which run 24/7 mostly independent of humans and allow a very little deviation. These yarns-productions are often located close to the carpet production facilities, which minimises transportation needs.

Carpets with ECONYL®

 Some of our carpet collections e.g.  WEARMAX® Pula are made from recycled and recyclable ECONYL® yarns. Recycled means that the yarns are made from waste products of a nylon grade (polyamide 6). Recyclable means that new nylon products can be created from the yarn after use. In this way, the fibres can be recycled indefinitely.

WEARMAX® Carpets have outstanding quality and always scores high in ISO, ISI or EN certification systems.
Detailed information about quality and certificates can be found on the technical datasheet of a particular carpet in the Download Centre.
We can also provide all certificates on request, please contact our sales support team.

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