Mision | Vision | Core Values

Our Mission


Pematex International invents, designs and brings to the market a broad portfolio of innovative, stylish, high-quality, sustainable products – design flooring, high-performance ceramic coating, and exclusive carpet.

We think in unique and personalised solutions, which provide a stable ground for ideas, dreams, and success of their users.

Innovation is deeply embedded in our minds and everyday tasks. We long for every suggestion that helps us to improve the way we do things!

Being humble does not pay off when it comes to thinking big. We are very proud of the long history and family atmosphere of our company, but equally excited about our diverse team and global presence.

We create the future of Pematex International today by our agile attitude to the business. Your success is our satisfaction.

Our Vision


Pematex International is striving to push the innovation leadership on the European market, think even more often “out-of-the-box”, “green” and “sustainable” and retain the family atmosphere in the international environment.

We believe, that the effort and determination we put into our work will result in greener living spaces and happier people!

Our Values



Integrity, trust, tradition, and teamwork.


Quality, sustainability, reliability, health, and safety.


Innovation, change, agility, and growth.